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Minimize the spread of dangerous microbes in a simple, low-cost and effective way

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“Every year there are more than 1 billion cases and over 1 million deaths from vector-borne diseases” – World Health Organization

Stop the Spread of Diseases with Clean Copper

Access to the power of copper for fractions of its traditional cost


We use micron layers of antibacterial copper on an adhesive surface and put the copper wherever it needs to be.


We will properly cover an entire facility for fractions of the cost of using entire pieces of furniture made of copper and we’ll maintain it.


The most cost effective way to keep your space free of microbes. Clean Copper’s system will work indefinitely protecting your space.

The missing link for excellent hygiene protocol

How it Works

We’re about to oversimplify some very cool science
(we love science)

1. Weaken the Microbe Defenses

It interacts with the surface of the microbe causing its outer membrane to rupture.
This causes the cell to lose vital nutrients and water, drastically weakening the cell.
This rupturing happens due to the copper’s magnetic and electrical properties that basically “short circuit” the membrane causing it to weaken and break up.

2. Kill the Microbes

Now that the “wall is breached” (picture a castle being overwhelmed here) the copper ions (soldiers) overwhelm the cell. It obstructs the cells metabolism bringing the cells biochemical reactions needed to survive to a halt. The microbe can no longer function (breathe, eat, digest, etc.) and it dies.

Our Service

We ensure that our product is at its best, so we work on service agreements

1. Review

The area for Clean Copper application

2. Develop

Develop a proposal of service

3. Install

Custom cut all our copper and install it

4. Inspection

Monthly inspection, cleaning, repair and/or replacement of material

5. Evaluation

Regular site evaluation of staff and testing for microbial infestation

We replace any damaged pieces without charge, and we regularly monitor for new areas to help attack the microbes

Where it Works

Although the real answer is everywhere, we emphasize the following sectors

Keep your campus safe
Pandemics impact everyone and students living in close quarters are particularly vulnerable.
The potential damage from flu season alone is exhausting.
Let’s be prepared to minimize any microbe spreading throughout the campus community
The effective weapon to keep superbugs at bay
Public health is a key element of government responsibility and the adaptability and versatility, as well as the effectiveness of our product, is without comparison.
First responders, public buildings, parks, clinics, courtrooms, detention facilities, and even the military.
Food Service Industry
Build your public trust by keeping them safe
You should worry about cleaning your surfaces, but what if the surface killed all the bacteria that touched it?
The potential here is scary. Incidents have occurred and the impact on the public confidence can break down entire companies
Our service works great at Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Smoothie Shops and more.

The best cost effective solution for an active program
in the war on microbial infection and transmission

Why Us

We are passionate about this and we have some key components


It can go everywhere

We will keep it clean

We’ll clean and repair ANY existing copper that you have


Adds to public safety

We test and monitor

Professionals determine where the product is installed

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